JOURNALS are integral part of every library. We have been handling subscription to journals for 85 years, since 1935.

Our range include journals in the following subjects:


There are several reasons as to why you should entrust your subscriptions to us:

  1. EFFICIENCY: The key word in our company is efficiency. Having been in the business for nearly 80 years, we have built up an excellent system, which has ensured efficient services to our clients.
  2. CONCENTRATED ATTENTION: We are ever attentive to your problems and solve them at the earliest. In order to give you good service, we have set up a separate JOURNALS DIVISION to handle Journals and Back Volumes exclusively, as distinct from our BOOK DIVISION.
  3. AIRLIFTING AT NO EXTRA COST: We airlift most of the journals and supply the issues in 4 to 6 weeks as against 4 to 6 months by surface mail. The issues are consolidated at four major points in the world - New York, London, Amsterdam and Hamburg and then airlifted to India to minimise the transit time.
  4. GUARANTEED RECIEPT: We guarantee delivery of each and every issue without your having to ever bother about non reciept of the issues.
  5. NO MISSING ISSUES: There will be no missing whatsoever and we take full responsibility to replace missing issues. if any, even though the mistake may be with the Publishers, Aircargo agents,Customs authorities or any other party. In the remotest change of your not getting issues, we accept to refund proportionate amount.
  6. NO NEED TO SEND REMAINDERS: You will be surprised to know that the need not remind us by sending reminders about non reciept of issues at all. We ourselves will take care of this and avoid unnecessary work for you.
  7. COMPUTERISED SERVICES: In line with the company`s policy of providing the best possible service to its clients, we have been making efforts to cope up with latest technology to assist us to achieve this. The company was the first to totally computerise its operation in the country. This means all the relevant information are recorded and reciept of issues are automatically tracked and reminders sent, if issues are not recieved as per the schedules. Thus, we are able to keep tract of issues, generate reminders for non reciepts and arrange for missing issues, if any.
  8. ONLINE ACCESS TO JOURNALS: We will provide you with free online access where so provided by Publishers at no extra cost and in other cases as per Publisher`s prices. If you subscribe to e - journal, we ensure seemless connectivity.
  9. NO NEED FOR UNPACKING: How much time does it take to unpack several issues received and put them on display? In a library this may take two to three days. When at a time dissemination of information as early as possible is important, even this delay must be avoided. We help you to avoid this delay by unpacking each and every issue. This will save a lot of time for your staff and the most important thing is that you can straightway put these journals for display, cutting down considerable time.
  10. PERSONALISED SERVICES: In spite of tremendous increase in volumes of businees, we still offer very personalised service to our clients. We are easily accessible over phone, email or fax and thus can sort out problems, if any, with minimum delay.
  11. PROFESSIONAL APPROACH: When you deal with us, you are dealing with professionals. Subscription are now handled by persons who are trained in information science and who know what exactly libraries want and except.